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Why you need a new mattress

Taylor Bedding Mattress

Taylor Bedding Mattress ManufacturerTaylor Bedding Company, a 107-year-old manufacturer of fine sleep products, offers incredible beds using the latest technology and components. They continue to make Morning Glory brand and manufactures Lady Americana brand. 
Founded by D.F. Forwood & his family, Taylor Bedding Company in 1900 was a way to use the cotton produced on the family's plantation.  The Forwards developed their mattress business, and in 1914 acquired the location where the company still manufactures today.

The company diversified into several other businesses and products through the years, including pillows and other bedding accessories. Forwood invented a way to make cotton fire retardant and won a contract to produce bedding for the troops during World War II. During World War II, the company made $43 million a year and employed 1,100 people.

In 1991, the family liquidated the company, and Rodney Frazier purchased the mattress portion and company name.

Currently, Taylor Bedding generates $20 million in annual mattress sales, produces in excess of 800 pieces a day and employs approximately 60 people.

"Our success is attributed to being able to offer consumers the highest quality at a recognized value," Rodney said.

Rodney worked with his parents at a mattress company in New Orleans before purchasing Taylor Bedding. In 2000, he merged the two companies.

His son Ray, who works with him, will someday take over the family business, he said. Ray will be the third generation Frazier to manufacture bedding. "It's in our blood," Rodneysaid. "Very few companies ever get to reach a million dollars, much less tens of millions. Statistically, companies that are third generation, as we are, are very rare, and we are setup to go beyond three generations. That allows us to maintain continuity and focus and achieve our mission statement, to provide high-quality bedding to the American people at a good price."

Through the years the company has had its challenges, he said.  "It is a difficult business to be in because it is extremely competitive and labor intensive," Rodney said.

Taylor Bedding products are sold at retailers in 5 states - including Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, & Mississippi.The company has a full hospitality division that services hotels and motels in the Southwest and a government services division, which supplies mattresses to the United States government. "People sleeping in hotels or motels in the Southwest are more likely to sleep on one of our mattresses than anyone else's," Rodney said.